Welcome to Spinone80! On this page I hope to answer your questions about the products and services offered here at my site. If your question is not answered, feel free to e-mail your inquiries/requests to: spinone80@msn.com

"Why should I purchase from Spinone80?"

Three reasons actually:

1. Quality

The quality and condition of my stock of original cds, albums, and cassettes are second to none. I do not sell anything with a grading below very good unless the title is extremely rare. My record and cd gradings have been described as very accurate as seen by viewing my feedback rating which has never went below 99% in the 10 years on Ebay (view by clicking here). The cd recordings offered here are the best sounding you will find on the net with a price to match. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed!

2. Selection

I have been in this hobby/business for 10 years now and stock the absolute largest selection of out of print music by Christian artists on the net both in original form and archives for digital transfer to cd format. The nice thing about this is that you will not have to hunt around the net on several sites to aquire your musical wants, one stop shopping can be found at Spinone80! Please be sure to visit the children's titles and Christmas titles which also feature the largest selections by Christian artists!

3. Service

In that same feedback on Ebay you will find that my customers have always been satisfied not only with a wonderful and quality product, but also fast and prompt shipping. We communicate directly with you so as to not miss any details of your order. I really like to interact with my customers with their orders not only to make sure you are fully satisfied, but to also get to know you and give me a better idea of what you want and expect. Isn't that the way ALL customer service should be? Be sure to view the customer testamonials link as well.

Frequently asked questions about the digital transfer service:

"What is a cdr?"

A "cdr" is simply a cd recording that is "burned" on a small scale instead of mass produced. It can be made from a stand-alone home cd burner, or by a burner that is located in a computor. I use a stand-alone model for quality and to avoid any glitches or mistakes on the final product. The cdr I offer is guaranteed to play in any cd player you have, and also to withstand all the abuses of a standard cd without skipping.

"Is this service legal?"

The copyright laws allow you to own a copy of any music you already have a license to. A license to the music is simply owning a copy of the music on cd, cassette, or album. In other words....you MUST own the title on album, cassette, or 8-track in order for this service to comply with the legality of copyright laws.  This is a service only and is being offered by many outlets across the nation and on the internet. Also, you must RETAIN the album or cassette ALONG WITH the cd recording in order to comply with these laws. You cannot sell your album or cassette once you take possession of a cd recording. This service is perfectly legal, and the recording is legal also if this rule is observed. I do get many requests from customers who would like recordings of their albums and offer me the albums in exchange. This is not compliance to the copyright law, you must also keep your copy of the album or tape in order to legally own a cd recording of it. I hope this helps in understanding. 

"I already have a cd burner to do my own copying....why would I use your service?"

Quality and time. I offer a quality product for a low price.Your album or cassette may not be in good shape....or you could have a rare title that you own on album or cassette, but I have  it available  from the extremely rare original cd, so you would get cd quality sound rather than the scratchy sound from you burning from your own album or worn out cassette. A majority of the titles I have listed are from near mint/sealed album copies or original cd. Also, there are many who don't have the time to burn their own records nor do they have the equipment.

"How is the quality of this service, and what type of equipment do you use?"

Unlike other outlets that offer a digital transfer service, Spinone80 does not use any computor devices for this product. Personally, I despise the modern use of programs that do more to harm the original sound of music rather than preserve the sonic integrity. I don't care what software or computor cd burner is used, the process of converting ANY music to an mp3 deteriorates the original sound as well as any programs that "clean" the music by elliminating pops or crackling.

The absolute best sound ALWAYS comes from finding the best possible source in which to record from. Having done this for almost 10 years, I have had the luxury of archiving from albums in the best possible condition so as to elliminate a need for such software programs to begin with. Sure, you will still hear an occasional crackle or slight pop, but that is to be preferred over taking an entire recording and muddying the sound through special "filters". This is an unending process....I am constantly updating certain digital archives as I find better albums in which to make copies from and I also apply a couple other tricks to elliminate record noise without distorting the original sound.

One more note on mp3s....technology is always changing. Today mp3s are the format of choice due to a compact way to store and play thousands of titles in a device no larger than hearing aids. But the music must be compromised in order to do this. In the future, another format or method of music archiving may come along that allows WAY more original content and quality of the music to be stored on a device no larger, and so you have to go through the process of yet ANOTHER purchase of your music to get back to that original quality. If you purchase a cd from my outlet, you never have to go through this process, just pick up your cd and rip it to what ever that format will be WITHOUT another purchase for the same music.

Another reason to choose Spinone80 for this service is because I have the most comprehensive digital library with recordings taken from the original cd where there was one issued. 95% of all titles that were ever issued on cd I will have an archive for and you are assured the original cd quality as far as sound goes! Again, there are NO archives here on mp3 format, so you get a perfect image of the original cd quality.

"Why charge 15.00 for a cd recording when it only costs 20 cents  for a cdr?"

Simple.....you get a quality product that I have a time investment into. The cd recording you get will play in any cd player you have, or you can get a complete refund. There is no record noise between tracks and all songs are manually faded out so as to sound as close to an official cd release as possible.There will be no annoying "clicks" or pauses between live audio tracks that you hear with cheap cd burners. The paper and ink that is used to make the artwork is top-notch and will only get better in the future. And most of all, my TIME is worth the remaining 80% of the price in not only making the recording, but in aquiring the massive catalog made available to you in which to choose from. Most other internet outlets charge from 18.00 to 30.00 for a single cd recording.

"You don't have the title of the album or cassette I have at your website.....how can I get a cd recording of it anyway?"

You can either have me search for the title myself, send me your copy to transfer, or search the net or Ebay for a copy yourself and have it sent to me to digitally archive and ship it back to you. Be sure to check all catagories of my website first to see if it is available. I do reserve the right to reject any requests in offering this service for musical selections that do not meet the standard I have ....mainly that the artist(s) have a love for God and his glory.

"Do you offer any discounts on multiple orders?"

Yes. The price for a single cdr without artwork is 13.00 plus 3.00 to ship first class. Cost for a single cdr with artwork is 16.00 plus 3.00 to ship first class. I have been offering a discount cost of 11.00 per cdr of 5 or more without artwork, or 14.00 each for any order of 5 or more with artwork. Alot of folks who realize many titles they have collected over the years will never see a re-issue on cd have been taking advantage of this multiple cdr discount and finally getting their album collection onto a format they can listen to without dragging the old turntable out. These same folks have come back to order more after sampling the quality of their first order.

"How long will it take to fill my order?"

I have been able to promise up to 2 cdrs ordered to be shipped within 48 hours of payment receipt. Orders of 3 to 5 cdrs generally takes 2-3 days depending on the titles ordered and whether they are already archived, or need to be archived from turntable. Artwork also plays a role in whether I have it archived or not as well. I always give a time frame of expected delivery upon an e-mail of inquiry and order.

E-mail me for availability at: SpinOne80@msn.com

Here are a few recent examples of customer satisfaction with this service:

Subj: Re: Len Patillo-Live Experience

Date: 7/21/03 12:47:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time

To: SpinOne80@aol.com

Sent from the Internet (Details)

CD is awsome!!! Thanks so much.

Gods best to you.


Subj: Re: David Martin-Breath On The Windowpane cdr/trade

Date: 7/19/03 12:19:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Joey

To: Spin One80

I received the David Martin disc! It looks GREAT, sounds GREAT - I appreciate the professional touches - you took the time to include the liner notes / lyrics - I can't say enough how pleased I was to open up the envelope and find what would have been if this title had been released on cd back in '86 - all I can say is that I'm impressed! Great Job - Thanks again!  Rich

Subj: Re: Need your help

Date: 7/17/03 5:10:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

To: SpinOne80@aol.com

Sent from the Internet (Details)


I got the cd's Monday and everything was great! Again, I appreciate it. I may need another order again soon! Take care!

Jason T. Herring

Subj: Re: Bearsville Lazarus

Date: 8/18/03 4:17:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time

To: SpinOne80@aol.com

Sent from the Internet (Details)


Got the Cd. Sounds great!!!

I'll look you up in the future for other needs.

Thanks again,


Subj: RE:Keith Thomas lp/cdrs

Date: 9/5/03 2:11:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time

To: SpinOne80@aol.com

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hi, Jeff!

Sorry not to have e-mailed you before, but Kirk got the albums & CDs last Friday. He was thrilled! He played some of both CDs for me over the phone and they sounded great! Thank you again for your help!


Subj: Ark cdr is here!

Date: 2/7/2005 4:56:21 PM Eastern Standard Time


To: Spin One80


Just to let you know that the Ark cdr has arrived. I'm impressed! The sound quality is excellent! I was hesitant at first when you mentioned you "faded" out songs for cd quality but you do a fine job with that! The only thing about that is between "All To Pieces" & "Standing At The Door" the faded jangly guitar in "All To Pieces" bleeds into "Standing At The Door". Just a bit to much silence between the two tracks compared to the album. But I'm nitpicking. As I said the sound quality is excellent! If all your albums are this top-notch quality then I'm sold!

   The packaging is good. I was most concern that this would look amateurish, the front & back cover would look fuzzy & faded. Thank God I was wrong!

  All together, I'm pleased. I'm not ever going to get a better sounding cd of Ark's "The Angels Come". We both know a lot of this classic Jesus Music is never going to be released on cd (I can't believe Randy Stonehill's catalog is ignored!) so you are providing a great service to us old fans!

  Jeff, thanks again and thanks for taking the time to reply to all my concerns. Look forward to doing business with you in the future. I'll get those albums in the mail shortly!


Subj: Re: Wall Brothers CDs

Date: 2/17/2005 2:34:21 PM Eastern Standard Time

To: SpinOne80@aol.com

Sent from the Internet (Details)


I received the Wall Brothers CDs yesterday. Wow! You do excellent work. I don't know how you did it, but you made those old lps sound like they had been released on CD. I'm very impressed with the artwork too. Very professional job. I sent you a money order today in the amount of.......................

I'm definately going to pass your website on to everyone I meet who are looking for a way to get out of print Christian Music.



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